Rockland County 
Al-Anon Family Groups
"strength and hope for friends and families of problem drinkers"

Let It Begin With Me 
When Anyone Anywhere Reaches Out for Help
Let the Hand of Al-Anon and Alateen Always Be There
And Let It Begin With Me

- Al-Anon Alateen Declaration

Meeting Information

Meetings in Rockland County are available:
Every day of the Week
To download a current meeting list 
click here

If you would like more information about Al-Anon in Rockland County call: 
AIS Information Line at 845-727-2050.  
You will be able to leave a message and an Al-Anon member will call you back.
Please be sure to include a call back number and times when you can be reached.  
Also include any instructions about whether the volunteer can leave a message or just call back.
Your anonymity will be protected.
For meetings outside Rockland County, in the New York South area, click here.
For meetings in New York North or in other states, click here.

Electronic and Telephone Meetings 
Electronic and Telephone meetings are available also.  Meetings that have registered with the WSO (World Service Office) are listed here, with information about how to access them.
Electronic meetings, like all Al-Anon meetings, agree to abide by the spirit of the Twelve Traditions. Each Al-Anon member is responsible for keeping the electronic meetings focused on  Al-Anon recovery and discussion of Al-Anon related topics.  
For safety reasons, currently electronic meetings are not permitted unless they are on the 
Al-Anon member website.

"Open" and "Closed" Meetings

Anyone concerned about someone else's drinking is welcome to attend any Al-Anon meeting,
whether it is listed as "open" or "closed."
A "closed" meeting is exclusively for people troubled by someone else's drinking.
An "open" meeting also welcomes guests, professionals and students.


starting January 10, 2019
Al-Anon Parents East AFG
Thursdays in Nyack
6:30 PM


  Beginners' Meetings ARE available:
  Monday Morning in Pomona
  Monday Night in Nyack
  Monday Night in Suffern

  Beginners are welcome at all Al-Anon meetings.
  If you cannot make a scheduled Beginners' Meeting, 
  go to an Al-Anon meeting... 
  you will be welcomed and supported.